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Making a Difference as a Volunteer

There are various opportunities to volunteer your time and talents with the Kimbra Foundation.

First, you can volunteer to travel to Uganda. This type of commitment is not for everyone, but for those who have a passion to serve … it’s an exciting experience. You’ll travel to Africa and discover an incredible part of the world. There you’ll get to know the people, their culture and their history. And, most importantly, you’ll be making a significant difference in their lives.

Your volunteer efforts will be put to great use at local orphanages, schools and community-led health care clinics. In conjunction with The Vincent Alex Boarding Primary School, the Kimbra Foundation works closely with communities in Uganda to nurture and care for its children in whatever way is needed including education, medical care, clothing, shoes, and proper meals.

For example, volunteers are greatly needed to help the underserved children at orphanages in Uganda. They will help to nurture and support these precious children … giving them one-on-one love, care and affection which local staff are often too busy to offer them. Your outpouring gives the children the proper attention and mental stimulation they need to develop healthy social skills and self-confidence.


It’s not surprising that our volunteers say working with the children in Uganda has made a huge impact on their own lives. They are forever touched by the experience.

The Kimbra Foundation recommends dedicating eight weeks or more to a volunteer trip if you are doing a project that involves social work. However, some projects can accommodate volunteers for as little as one week.

Second, the Kimbra Foundation is always looking for ways to raise funds and spread the word about the plight of children in Uganda. If you would like to host an event to raise funds, or volunteer your time by providing goods or services toward an event … please inquire today about how you can help.

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