Kids in need

We Need Your Help to Sponsor a Kimbra kid

The Kimbra Foundation relies on the generous support of sponsors around the world. Through our partnership with you … we can fight the effects of poverty on children in Uganda.

Sponsor a Child

The greatest way you can impact the life of a child is through sponsorship.


For just $10 (US) per month individuals, families, groups or organizations can sponsor the education and care of one student. Since the actual cost of providing for a child exceeds this sponsorship level, our Kimbra Kids have multiple sponsors whenever possible.

You may choose to make a one-time donation. Or, make a donation on a recurring basis. We strongly encourage donors to contribute a minimum of at least $365 for a full year of sponsorship.  At $1.00 a day, less than a cup of coffee, you can help change the life of a child in Uganda.

What You Will Receive

When you sponsor a child, the first thing we’ll do is mail you a packet that includes your child’s name, their photo and their personal story. Here you can connect immediately with your child … learning about their community, their family, their activities, and the education they are receiving.


In addition, the sponsor’s name will be engraved on the “Sponsorship Wall” at The Vincent Alex Boarding Primary School.

Within days of sponsoring your child, they will learn about your generous support and your interest in bettering their life. It’s an exciting moment!

You see, when our Kimbra Kids receive this great news … the happiness they experience is amazing.  The fact that someone across the world cares about them gives them hope, encouragement and they are truly grateful.

You can also share your personal photo with your sponsored child.

How a Child will Benefit

Your generous donation will help provide a high quality education for a child whose family lacks the resources to provide even one meal each day … much less pay for tuition. You see, in Uganda, even public school costs money. There is no free education. So by sponsoring one of our Kimbra Kids you’re giving them a chance they would not otherwise have. The students are educated in the typical academic areas — reading, writing, math, history, religion — and are all provided with a uniform, tennis shoes, backpack, school supplies and books.  Those children that are part of the Day Program will return home to their families in the evening, but others will reside in a dormitory.  Your generous donation will go towards school required boarding meals and supplies. 

What your donation will cover

  • Registration and Interview Fee for new students.
  • Daily, nutritious lunch.
  • School Uniforms including a class uniform and sweater, gym clothes, Sunday clothes and casual wear.
  • Extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, football, girl guiding lessons, net ball, scouting, computer lessons, arts and crafts, life skills, moral education and girls football.
  • Required school supplies like reading books, text books, pens, paper, and school bags.
  • Boarding requirements such as: suitcase, blanket, towel, comb, shoe brush, shoe polish, toothpaste, mattress, soap, plastic basin/bucket, sanitary towels and petty coats, slippers, toiletries and personal hygiene products.
  • Provision of medical supplies to the school health clinic.
  • The addition of a registered nurse for the school health clinic.
  • Provision of electricity in the children’s dormitories.
  • Installation of glass windows in both classes and children’s dormitories to keep mosquitos and reduce the chance of Malaria.
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