What type of healthcare services do you offer to an African Child?

In conjuction with the New African Child Boarding Primary School, a mixed day and boarding primary school located Kampala, Uganda, the Kimbra Foundation provides both monetary assistance and medical supplies to benefit school-based health programs. These programs are designed to serve the children that otherwise do not have access to medical care. Our proactive approach to healthcare gives children the confidence that they can receive medical treatment through the clinic at their school.

What health-related educational programs do you offer?

The Kimbra Foundation believes in nurturing the total African child. Healthcare plays a crucial role in shaping the youth of Uganda. School-based healthcare programs promote health education and ensure access to medical care. This includes programs that offer counseling and supportive services on issues such as grieving from a loss in the family, and diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.

Does The Kimbra Foundation accept any household goods for donation?

If you have items that you feel would help the children of Uganda, please reach out to us. We welcome non-perishable items such as feminine hygiene products, medical supplies, first aid kits, slightly worn shoes, clothing and toiletries.

What type of volunteer opportunities can I participate in?

The Kimbra Foundation welcomes all volunteers .
Currently, there are two types of assistance needed. The first is for volunteers to help with clerical assistance.
The second need is for volunteers who can travel to Uganda with the foundation … particularly teachers, nurses, doctors, sports coaches, and child counselors.
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What makes a child eligible for sponsorship?

Most of the children in Uganda have a great desire to receive an education, however 80% come from poor families where there is only one parent or guardian. 20% are totally orphans – often losing their parents to HIV or AIDS. Many of these young children are HIV positive themselves.
The primary eligibility for sponsorship is an orphan who has a great desire for education and good performance in school.
Secondary eligibility goes to children under single guardianship with great interest and good performance in school where the single parent or guardian is incapable of paying for school.

Will I receive reports informing me of my sponsored child’s progress?

Absolutely. You will receive a report mid-semester and at the end of every school year. You’ll receive these reports via email, or mail – depending on your preference.

What will I receive once I sponsor a child?

Sponsors receive their child’s photo, biography, and sponsorship honor certificate. In addition, The New African Child Primary and Boarding School has dedicated a wall where VIP sponsor’s names will be engraved.
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Can I send money, photos, religious items or other gifts directly to my sponsored child?

Items like photos, religious items or other gifts are highly appreciated by children, especially orphans. It is a sign of affection and being loved and cared for.
The children are too young to handle money. That is why the Kimbra Foundation handles all donations.

Am I permitted to correspond with my sponsored child or allowed to visit them?

Yes! Correspondence is encouraged. And, with the help of the Kimbra Foundation and the school’s leadership, visits can be arranged.

Does my monthly gift go directly to my child?

Your monthly gift for your sponsored child benefits your child directly.
General donations serve the most urgent needs of the children.
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