Empowering and Equipping the Youth of Uganda for Tomorrow…


At the Kimbra Foundation our goal is to empower and support the youth of Uganda, providing families with basic necessities so our KIMBRA KIDS can focus on getting an education instead of worrying about just surviving.

The ultimate result of our efforts is a strengthening of the community now and for future generations.

The Kimbra Foundation concentrates its efforts in the underserved rural areas of Kampala, the largest city and capital of Uganda. Here, some of the worst health conditions can be found due to harsh conditions and limited resources. Like many regions throughout Africa, Uganda suffers from widespread disease and malnutrition.

Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world – with nearly 38 percent of its population living on less than $1.25 a day (according to 2012 World Bank data).



Through your generosity, and the tireless work of the Kimbra Foundation, together we can make a difference.  

How We Help …

Some of the community based programs offered to our KIMBRA KIDS include:

  • Community support providing for medical needs and basic hygiene.
  • Peer support groups for children, teens and young adults who are dealing with issues of grieving, poor self-esteem, adversities or the death of a loved one. 
  • Encouragement to increased school attendance.
  • Supportive services and resources to families, caregivers, schools and the neighboring communities.
  • Career training, basic job skills and leadership development – so the children can hone the skills that are required to succeed in life.
  • Training on basic life skills such as speech and self expression.

The Kimbra Foundation is dedicated to providing key tools that make it possible to create opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders, as well as a sense of safety and structure in the community.

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